June 19, 2013

I Survived a Colonoscopy at 39 and How It Saved My Life...

It's been awhile since I posted on my blog. Life has just been so busy that I haven't had the time or even been inspired to post anything. Target Thursdays has been a bust as well as Manicure Mondays. I haven't bought anything from Target lately and my nails look like crap.

I want to share something personal that I had to deal with lately. At the end of May I had a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a procedure where they put a scope up your butt to look at your large intestine.  Now in order to explain my colonoscopy I'm going to be totally honest and direct, because I want to help someone out there that may be experiencing the same thing and I want to lay it out there. Normally when you turn 50 that's the age most people get a colonoscopy done, but I'm only 39.

There are several events and reasons as to why I had this procedure done. In January my best friend Tammy lost her husband, Jim to cancer. They were married in November 2012 and he died unexpectedly in January 2013. Jim had the worst form of lung cancer and he had no idea. On their honeymoon he wasn't feeling good and he thought he came down with walking pneumonia. After being sick for several weeks he was taken to the hospital because his blood pressure was high and that's when they discovered a blood clot in his leg and a mass on his lungs. Jim died 30 days later...everything happened so fast.

After Jim's death I began to think about my own health and decided I needed to go to the doctors to get a check up. Prior to my actual doctors appointment my doctors office ordered a bunch of blood tests as well as stool test. Oh my gosh....even saying that word, "stool",  makes me so embarrassed! I know we all poop but still! When I saw the envelope to complete my "stool" test at home I cringed...yuck! And how embarrassing! But I had to do it, and I did what I had to do and sent off the "sample" to the lab. A letter came back saying they detected blood in my stool (that word! ugh!!!), so I had to do another test. Again the second sample came back with a detection of blood. My doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist for their opinion and they told me in order to find out why there is blood in my stool they would have to do a colonoscopy. Now, I don't know why my doctor ordered me to get a stool sample done, but I'm grateful he did!

The procedure itself was easy, it was the prep that sucked! I couldn't eat solids the day prior and had to stick to a liquid diet. I could have Jell-O, but no red Jell-O, in fact no red anything just clear liquids as well as clear broth. Then later on that day I had to take 2 Dulcolax pills at 3:00 then an hour later start drinking a whole bottle of Miralax then 4 hours later take 2 more Dulcolax pills. By the end of the night I literally had to stay close to the bathroom. The reason for this was to clean out my system. Doesn't this sound like fun! It gets better....

The day I went in for my colonoscopy I noticed I was the youngest patient there . Even the nurses kept saying, "You're so young!", which didn't make me feel any better. Plus I've been told I have a young face so when they saw me I'm sure they thought I was younger then 39. I was put to sleep and I woke up as if nothing happened. I did have to fart before they let me go...another embarrassing moment, but at least I could fart freely and in public...this was a good excuse! The doctor came into my recovery room and told me they found two polyps and ended up cauterizing them. One was pretty nasty and was bleeding already which was why I had blood in my stool (cringe). They said they also did a biopsy to the surrounding areas of the polyps and that they would call or mail my results in a couple of weeks. My husband was there to drive me home and on our way home we stopped for lunch. The nurse told me to stick to a light meal but hunger over came me and I ordered a Turkey Burger Royal with french fries and peach pie for dessert.

The next day I felt fine and I wasn't even nervous about what my results may say. Then 4 days later I began to bleed....rectal bleeding. I know that's TMI, but like I said I want to be honest because I want to share my story and how this could help someone else. Every time I had the urge to use the restroom blood and blood clots kept coming out. It was so scary and I had to go to the emergency room. The on-staff gastroenterologist in the ER came to my room and was surprised at how young I was (here we go again!). Then she asked me why I got the colonoscopy done. I told her why and she began to explain to me that the polyps that were removed were benign (thank God!) and the nasty one was pretty big, so the reason for the bleeding was because when they cauterized it a scab had formed and the scab came off. She assured me the bleeding would eventually stop. She then began to go more in depth about the polyps they removed. She explained that even though they were benign, they were pre-cancerous, so by the time I was supposed to have a colonoscopy at the age of 45 or 50 those polyps would have turned into colon cancer. She told me that the colonoscopy saved my life.  As soon as she said that literally my life flashed before my eyes. First thing I thought of was my kids and whatever the doctor was saying was now turning into a blur. When she left the room I began to cry because it was so much to take in. My aunt and my husband were there with me and my aunt said, "Eileen...they got it just in time" and my husband began hugging me. Now I need to get a colonoscopy again within 6 months, just in case. If they find nothing then I would have to get another one in about year or 2 years and then again if nothing then another one in 5 years.

Before I was pretty quiet and being private about my procedure but now I'm a total advocate and want to share my experience. I recommend anyone who has any family history of any type of cancer to get it done! It may sound unpleasant but if it's a matter of saving your life it's worth it. I hope I helped someone out there who is reading this!

xoxo, Eileen

May 28, 2013

My Weekend Through Instagram...

This weekend was pretty busy. Everyday this weekend we tried to do something fun with the kids. As much as I wanted to stay in my pj's all weekend I felt it would be selfish of me. Man I miss those days! On Saturday we went to Knott's Berry Farm. We have passes which is great because we don't feel like we have to stay the whole day. We usually go for about 3 hours and then we leave. 

Sunday was a real busy day, we started by going to church. At church there were several service men there in their uniforms. It was so cool and I couldn't help but feel emotional and patriotic. Cristian is really into being a soldier right now. I tried to get him to get his picture taken with one of the military men but he was shy and Frank told me not to embarrass him. I remember my mom embarrassing me all the time so I said "Fine". After church we went to go see the movie Epic. It was OK...not to give too much away, but there was one character in the movie that I felt was forced, because it didn't make sense. You'll have to see it to know what I'm talking about. After the movie we went to my friend's daughter's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Orange. On our way home we always see this guy playing his drums right there out on Santiago Canyon Road. If you're not familiar with Santiago Canyon Road, it's a two lane highway through the canyon. I always wondered why he plays out there. Maybe his mom, girlfriend or wife won't let him play at home so he probably feels like he can play as loud as he wants out there...interesting. Anyways this time a photographer was there snapping pics of him drumming away. 

Then on Monday we went to Zoomars in San Juan Capistrano. I had a Groupon that I had forgotten about and thought this would be a perfect time to use it. The Groupon was $20 for four people and I got two tickets for the train ride and two tickets to mine for rocks and fossils. The Groupon was definitely worth it. It's a fun little place to pet the animals, but I wouldn't have paid anymore then what I paid for the Groupon.  

Throughout all the activities Frank and managed to rent and watch Django Unchained and The Intouchables. Both movies were really good! I'm a nervous movie watcher so there were parts of Django where I had to leave the room , but overall it was a good movie. The Intouchables was a nice feel good movie. It was very touching and highly recommend it. 

May 24, 2013

Guilty Pleasure - Small Town Security on AMC

Best new reality show on AMC - Small Town Security! It's trashy, weird, strange, just bad bad bad but I love it! I stumbled upon the show while laying in bed and I couldn't get enough! I watched 4 episodes back to back and Frank was about ready to strangle me, but I just could not turn the channel.

The show is about a small, family owned private security company in Ringgold, Georgia. The cast of characters are a hoot! They are weird but entertainingly funny to watch. You can catch them Thursday nights 10/9c on AMC.  


May 23, 2013

Target Thursday #6....

Sorry for my lack of posting people. Life has been busy and I've had a lot going on that I didn't have any time or energy to dedicate to my blog, but I do appreciate everyone that visits my blog and reads my posts!

Ok on to the fun stuff!! Check out my Target outfit below...

Dress - Merona Clearance $19.59 was $27.99
Sweater - Merona old - raided from my closet
Belt - Xhileration old - raided from my closet
Shoes - Xhileration old - raided from my closet

Total Look - $19.59

This outfit was inspired by a Mad Men mixed track from 8tracks.com - "Hanging out with Megan Draper" mixed by nothingisreal. "Zoo be zoo be zoo..".....I can't get that out of my head!

Say Yes To The Dress At Target - Tevolio Bridal Collection

Target recently announced their new bridal line called Tevolio which is inspired by the Italian phrase "Ti voglio", which loosely translates to "I love you". Their dresses range from $69.99 to $129.99.

When I got married I was 4 months pregnant (yes I am a sinner) and I bought my dress online from Fashion Bug for $69. I don't think they have a bridal section anymore and at that time that was a bargain, but it was so hard to find something because I was very limited  - 1) I was preggers and 2) I was on a major tight budget. If Target had their bridal collection back then, they would have been the first place I would have checked out.  You can check out the full collection on Target.com 

Have a great night! xoxo

May 18, 2013

I Loooovveee Gold...

Remember when Goldmember from the third Austin Powers movie would say, "I looooovvvee gold"! I love saying that..."I loooovveee gold"!

A couple of weekends ago I came up with this cute idea of making magnets out of gold spray painted plastic animals. On other blogs I've seen others paint plastic animals and using them as party decor or as party favors. I think they look real cute and what a creative and inexpensive way to add some interesting detail. I liked the idea so much that I decided to make mine into magnets.

Remember the terranium project I did with my kids several weekends back, well I took the left over plastic animals that I bought and decided to use those for my magnet project.

I took some gold satin spray paint that I had leftover from another project to use on my plastic animals. You can use any kind of metal paint. 

I placed the animals on a paper plate to spray paint on as well as a large shopping bag to protect my outside patio table.

Here are all the little animals swimming in a sea of gold

As you can see from the picture above I had to spray paint about 3 coats on certain animals because the color of the plastic was still showing through.

Once they were all dried see how pretty they turned out!

I then went to Michael's and bought these magnets for $1.59. I glued one magnet on the side of the animal that I was going to stick to the magnetic surface.

And voila! Look how pretty my magnets turned out! I'm using them here to hold up a picture of me and my husband in my work cubicle.

I love how the seahorse turned out...that's my favorite one :-)

Have a great night everyone! xoxo